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PearlMala-P2140007_2The Essence of Sharon's Teachings:

Sharon encourages “first things, first.” She elaborates, “Our coming together is first and foremost to recognize our fundamental nature and realize the ground of being. The only true freedom is to be That, fully in the world. The embodiment of this realization is an extraordinary ordinariness – an expression of seamless wisdom and love.” That recognition requires a shift of identity. Through retreats, weekend intensives, satsang, and private dokusans, Sharon offers teachings based on her deep realization of silence, and the way silence expresses itself in form. Sharon notes, “Often there is still a thread that says the ‘me’ is going to get it; the ‘me’ is going to wake up. And it just isn’t true. It actually wakes up out of the ‘me’."  In her teaching, Sharon emphasizes how silence wakes up in the body and how the embodiment process is actualized. She is well qualified in this endeavor by her many years as an intuitive counselor. Utilizing the gift of intuitive seeing, Sharon can clearly see the energy patterns of an individual as a snap shot of their spiritual unfolding. Sharing the energetic picture with an individual, helps to unlock patterns in the body that inhibit realization and the embodiment process that follows.

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