Support on the Journey

The Clear Light Sangha community and surrounding population of Crestone holds a wealth of healing practitioners. While you are visiting on retreat you may find it helpful to avail yourself of some healing time.


The Matrix Interdimensional Light Chamber

The Light Chamber created by Nate Scarritt provides an experiential alignment of the body/mind utilizing sound, vibration, color and the breath.

A hand held dynamic transducer can be used to break up old patterns stored in the body and bring them into harmony. Good preparation for a meditation retreat.  

Schedule a Light Chamber experience before your next retreat or visit to Crestone, CO. 

Rob Wergin

Rob Wergin has extraordinary healing gifts. He is fully clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Rob has dedicated his life to being a vessel for Divine Light and Love to heal others and has helped tens of thousands of people of all ages and religions. Rob travels extensively doing personal & group healing, seminars and retreats. 



Anna Louise Stewart

Through Core Chi Transformation, Anna Louise works as a conduit for Divine Intelligence - Chi energy. It is mostly hands on and primarily focuses on the core-abdomen. Core Chi transformation removes stagnation and pain, detoxifies, enlivens the cells and opens the body up to create space for healing and a new way of being. It effects all levels of existence simultaneously - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually - with lasting effects. You will feel unburdened, lighter and more available to change. There will typically be more energy and joy available.

Anna Louise is a skilled and experienced practitioner with a great love for the belly. She has a background in Bodywork and Massage, Colon Hydro Therapy and Chi Nei Tsang since 2001. 

Elizabeth Astor

Elizabeth Astor is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Classical Homeopath. Elizabeth incorporates her intuitive ability to perceive the meridians and energetic systems in the body with her wide scope of medical training to help facilitate healing on a deep level.

Elizabeth works with the myriad levels of energy, experience, and belief within a person to offer healing work in a holistic and integrated way. Spiritual practitioners and those wishing to open deeply into themselves have experienced her work to be very helpful, as it can help harmonize the process of unraveling patterns in the body and mind that are causing limitation or no longer serve. 



Richard Skeie

Richard Skeie’s healing practice has spanned eighteen years. Some of the modalities included in this work are: Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ (QEST™), Body/Mind, Integrative Healing, Dreams, Shadow work, Breathwork, and Personality Systems (Enneagram & Jungian Typology).

Richard works with people holistically, including physical, energetic, emotional, body-mind, and spiritual dimensions of healing.

Buddy Frank


Buddy Frank is a gifted intuitive Structural Integration practitioner in Crestone, CO.  

He says: “In my experience, it seems that as a person’s structure becomes more vertical, balanced, and upright, concomitant emotional, psychological, and spiritual changes can occur. Aligning the physical structure opens up the potential for recognizing limiting patterns in every aspect of one’s life.” 



sarah poston, fnp-bc

Sarah is a Family Nurse Practitioner with many years of experience and an emphasis on a holistic approach to physical and mental health symptoms. Sarah uses her intuition, extensive training in functional medicine and energetic medicine as well as carefully applied traditional approaches such as prescription management. She focuses on sorting through symptom presentation and history to help unravel root cause (physical, emotional and spiritual) and promote health and healing for your whole being.

Sarah offers in person and skype/phone consultations.


r. scott malone, lac

R. Scott Malone, Licensed Acupuncturist, has originated Infinite Pillar Nei Gong, an energetic healing modality in the Taoist tradition of Xi Wang Mu and Lu Dong Bin. The focus of Infinite Pillar Nei Gong is to prepare the body for awakening. For those who have had an awakening, this form of nei gong can be used to stabilize the shifting physical and energetic bodies to keep pace with the changes in awareness as guided by Wisdom. Infinite Pillar Nei Gong, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is located in Northglenn, Colorado.



peter may

Peter May, multi-realmed alchemist who partners with Nature to support healing, balance, and peace.
Embodying the love of plants and music throughout his life, Peter began distilling essential oils in 2006. That same year, he began playing on and co-producing the Grammy award winning album Crestone with Paul Winter.
Peter creates acoustically-tuned plant and mineral alchemies with essential oils, and offers them in his Sound Journeys, to support increased awareness and healing on the levels of body, energy, and mind. His Nature Fusion band The Sonic Apothecary is composed of human and plant musicians, and offers Healing Journey Concerts around the country.