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The Primordial Ground

The Primordial Ground

Complete Recordings from
Silent Residential Retreat, Crestone Mountain Zen Center, CO
September 5th – 12th, 2015

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Copyright © 2015 by Sharon Landrith.  All rights reserved.

Primordial Ground from which All Arises


September 2015

Crestone Mountain Zen Center

Crestone, Colorado

Copyright © 2015 by Sharon Landrith.  All rights reserved.

1  Primordial Ground - Opening Talk

2  Art as Embodied Individuation (with Marika)

3  Questions for Marika (questions not on mic)

4  Absolutely Vital that there is this Recognition

5  Intro to GM:  Dissolving into the Belly of Emptiness 

6  GM:  Opening Awareness from Deep within the Body

7  Questions and Reports

8  The Dark Night of the Primordial Ground

9  Jumping into Dissolution/ Unhooking from Your Life

10  Intro to GM:  Guided Meditation as Transmission

11 GM:  The Body is the Ground of Everything Arising as Love

12  Sharon can sometimes be a Jerk

13  Questions and Reports

14  The Phases of Unfolding

15  Intro to GM:  Emptiness, Fullness, and Guided Meditation  

16  GM:  Everything is Alive

17  Questions and Reports

18  A Thousand Ways to Say Everything is Love

19  Questions and Reports

20  Love without and Object 

21  Intro to GM:  One Bright Perl

22  GM:  The Radiant Body

23  Questions and Reports