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The Whole Body

Weekend Silent Residential Retreat

May 29 - 31, 2020
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

Learn how to harness the nourishing and revealing power of silence in this 5-day retreat with Sharon Landrith.

Go to Omega Institute's webpage for details of the retreat and to register.

"For thousands of years, most spiritual traditions have attempted to separate spirit and matter. The results have been denial, spiritual bypassing, and repression. The gaps between the ascending in spirit and the daily life as form do not reflect one another.

In this weekend retreat with spiritual teacher Sharon Landrith, we explore the microcosm of the interior of the body. The Silent Ground, the dynamic movement of light, and love arising and falling as thoughts and appearances are discovered within. The vast universal body of consciousness without is realized as the same, simply the microcosm of the whole. The division of within and without is dissolved. The focus in the body without boundary is the most accessible moment by moment awakening to our Shared Natural State.

Throughout the weekend we explore through direct experience, periods of silence, meditation, and guided transmissions.

Please go to Omega Institute's website for details of the retreat and to register, once the 2019 retreat is posted.