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Sangha Spotlight: Jyoti Stuart

"... I remember when I first felt this way and it was like, “Oh God!”  Everything feels kind of tenuous and unknown. And now it's definitely OK. Everything, everything feels OK. And one of the most important teachings of Sharon's is just the constant reminders of this. She'll look at my energy field and just say it's OK. It's awesome..." 

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Sangha Spotlight: Anna Louise Stewart

"... Sharon has been such a guiding star. A solid support. In any bleak moment she was always there to just tell me to keep going. That I was exactly where I needed to be. She doesn't like it when I say this, but she's always right. Whenever she has pointed something out, and I have resisted it, I look back later and I think "Oooooh yeah. She said that, didn’t she! ... " 

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