Catherine Hoffmann

The combination of Sharon’s love for the Truth, insight and compassion for the person and body has left me changed forever. The safety of her knowing attention in the intimate setting of her retreat, allowed me to go deeper than ever before and experience levels of forgiveness; love and letting go that I did not think were possible. She is both a gifted teacher and a person that truly cares for the individual–a rare and powerful combination. (not to mention a recipe for disaster concerning the identity!) In her retreat, I was able to see compassion and tremendous love comes to all that was never true and then the letting go and folding in happens . . . so I can disappear in the One.

- Catherine Hoffmann, CA


Caroline Cavelti

With her good-natured humor, honesty and clarity, Sharon coaxes what I already know from the depths of my being. She’s been a shining example for me of how one can be in full relationship with life and whatever it brings. For those who are serious, really serious about knowing and living the truth, I highly recommend having a private session with Sharon. Using her gift of seeing and interpreting energies, she’s able to point out areas in you which may be blocked and need attention. Having her support and uncompromising honesty has given me comfort as I make my lonely journey back home.

- Caroline Cavelti, Ontario, Canada


Gabriella Barr

I have been so blessed by Sharon Landrith's private sessions, that I would like to share my experience with you. Being in communion with Sharon is a profoundly spacious field of pure love and acceptance. To be seen and known for what I truly am and completely loved for all aspects of my humanness in itself is healing and restorative. Then the reflection from Sharon of the truth as it is unfolding here, both anchors the embodiment more richly and guides me gently to rest even more deeply in what I am and to fully live this awakened life.

- Gabriella Barr, CA


Richard Skeie

I'm am very grateful for Sharon. Being in the Adyashanti lineage, I find her to be caring, genuine, deep, and clear. Sharon is very personal without being sticky. Her extensive spiritual explorations have allowed her to relate awakening to my own experiences. I feel blessed by her presence. I recommend that you find out for yourself.

- Richard Skeie, CO