Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom (book)
Rita Marie Robinson


In the book Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Wisdom (see interview with Sharon), Rita Marie Robinson offers this collection of intimate, heartfelt conversations with women spiritual teachers who live and look like ordinary people. What makes them extraordinary is that each woman has awakened to her true nature.


Love Warms The Silence (book)

Anthony Ratcliff

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Dismantling the defense against Love is filled with eloquent guidance and teachings about awakening to our true nature - the journey within to lighten the gravity of self.

Directly channeled from two enlightened Masters, they reveal the existence of a mantle that surrounds every human being that hinders the awakening process. How to use the ancient and silent language of Love to erase this mantle is fully disclosed.

Marika Popovits (artist)


Marika Popovits' work has been exhibited and commissioned internationally, and is in private collections. The quest for Unity – spatially, philosophically and formally – has been at the core of a journey leading through inner and outer worlds, continuing its evolution to the present time. She lives and works in Crestone,CO and her luminous paintings can be seen at MarikaPopovitsArt.net.

One of Marika’s paintings is on exhibit at the Clear Light house in Crestone, CO.

Marika has a recently completed book, “Radiance – an Artistic Journey into the Ephemeral”.  You can also order prints of her artwork.  


Ahh... Silence! (book)

Norah Tunney


"From the Ground of Being, the Silence speaks these exquisite poems.  What a lovely book to accompany oneself on a retreat, reminding us of our natural state."    ~ Sharon Landrith

The poet invites the reader to stay rooted in the silence of being. She hopes this little volume may be a home for the weary traveller, a place of rest for the overcrowded mind, an ancient story come alive.

Ute Bonn, (Song & Dance)


Ute sang for us during the retreat at the Zen Center in Crestone, 2009.

Her voice is soulful, healing, soothing and inspiring, and opens your soul to dance and celebration.

Annette Cantor (Singer)

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Annette Cantor says; "It has been my dream to sing where my voice is a true instrument no longer kept in the mental realm of words but free to express the yearning, beauty, love and blissfulness of my inner experience”