Sharon Landrith
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There is a way to freedom from internal suffering.
Awake beings across the ages have discovered this truth.
My life is in service to that.

Video: Bringing the Attention Back
by Sharon Landrith 5:44

Video: A Totally New Landscape
by Sharon Landrith 5:43


Upcoming Retreats

Mid-Winter Silent Residential Retreat
Feb 28 - Mar 4, 2018

Blazing Mountain Retreat
Crestone, CO

This 5-day,Silent Residential retreat will be held at the Blazing Mountain Retreat Center,  in beautiful Crestone, CO. Blazing Mountain is a beautifully designed center with gracious and organized support for all guests.

This Silent Retreat offers a profound opportunity to delve deeply into our truest nature. We rest as stillness and fullness through silent sitting, guided meditations and a safe and intimate forum of questions and response. This deep immersion in Silence comes to the foreground and lives our life consciously."  - Sharon Landrith

Crestone is located at an altitude of 8,000 feet in Colorado’s Sangre de Cristo Mountain range, surrounded by pinon pine and juniper forest, beautiful mountains, and spiritual centers. This lovely combination offers the perfect setting for this silent retreat.


Each day includes a Satsang, a Guided Meditation and 5 periods of Silent sitting. There is also an opportunity for you to ask questions in a safe and supportive setting.

Wednesday, 2/28:  Registration at 4:00pm, Orientation and Retreat Opening - 9:00pm.

Thursday, 2/29 - Saturday, 3/3:  9:00am – 9:00pm.

Sunday, 3/4:  9:00am – 1:00pm. Closing of Retreat after lunch.


In the Blazing Mountain kitchen, food is prepared in ways that are nutritionally balanced, beneficial to health and practice, and take into account all dietary preferences and restrictions. "Our relationship to the kitchen is as a space of practice, acknowledging the kitchen’s energetic and physical impact on participants, teachers, and the program container as a whole."

Food and lodging is a separate fee to be paid directly to Blazing Mountain Retreat Center.  For more info: Mid-Winter Crestone Residential Retreat 2018



"First things, first. Our coming together is first and foremost to recognize our fundamental nature and realize the ground of being. The only true freedom is to be That, fully in the world. The embodiment of this realization is an extraordinary ordinariness – an expression of seamless wisdom and love. Often there is still a thread that says the ‘me’ is going to get it; the ‘me’ is going to wake up. And it just isn’t true. It actually wakes up out of the ‘me’."

Sharon Landrith