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Clear Light Sangha Monthly Sustaining Membership

Become a sustaining member of Clear Light Sangha

In the spirit of generosity and gratitude we are asking Sangha members who can, to join the “Sustaining Sangha”. This is to help support the upkeep of the Clear Light House meditation retreat and meeting place and its infrastructure. Through monthly or annual contributions, we aspire to reach our goal of $1500.00 a month. 

Sharon's greatest desire is to facilitate and support awakening and embodiment in all who come to her. Those of you who have been with Sharon know the power and integrity of her teaching. 

As a member of the “Sustaining Sangha” you will make it possible for Sharon to continue her teaching schedule and immediately find time for the rest and recovery she needs to heal, to be able to continue to be of benefit to all who seek truth.

Regular monthly donations of any amount would be the most supportive way to help, and all donations are tax deductible for you under the umbrella of a 501-C3 organization. 

We formally invite you to join the “Sustaining Sangha” by giving whatever amount you are able. Any monthly amount, from $15-$30-$45-$60-$75 will be extraordinarily helpful and appreciated. It is dana, generosity, that supports the teacher and the community and preserves the lineage. If you are able, please make a monthly or annual commitment to continue keeping the teachings alive and available.

By becoming a Sustaining Member of Clear Light Sangha, you are assisting us to make the teachings available and ensuring our ability to continue to offer retreats and intensives throughout the year. 

The support of Sustaining Sangha Members is the everyday love that keeps Clear Light Sangha alive, and it forms the pillars that support the roof over the Sangha. A Sustaining Sangha Membership is about a heart connection with Clear Light Sangha.

Clear Light Sangha also gratefully accepts one-time donations.

Your donation is tax exempt and you will receive a donation receipt via email.

 For one-time donations you can also visit the donation page.