What is Dokusan? 

There are no appointment times currently available. Please check back for schedule updates, usually at the beginning of the month.  

Dokusan, a word borrowed from the Zen tradition, means “private meeting with the teacher.”

Dokusan with Sharon is available to individuals who are committed to realizing their true nature and as part of the embodiment process.

Dokusan sessions are extremely effective and welcomed by students as providing an unobstructed view of what is taking place within. 

In the true spirit of Dokusan, Sharon is offering these private appointments only to those genuinely drawn to the path of Truth as described on this website and in her teachings.

Priority for these appointments is given to individuals who have registered for retreats with Sharon.

Dokusan with Sharon Landrith

A Dokusan is a 60-minute private session via telephone call with Sharon Landrith, providing you an opportunity to discuss and review intimate and essential questions, probe new and emerging aspects of spiritual inquiry, and receive reflection and insights from Sharon to assist you on your spiritual journey.

We suggest before your Dokusan appointment you take the time to view Sharon's videos - browse and choose those that call to you. You may also be interested in Sharon’s talks and guided meditations on Youtube.

Be sure you have a quiet space in which to talk with Sharon in a safe, open and comfortable environment. Plan for some quiet time before and after the appointment on your own so you can prepare and integrate.

Cost and availability

Dokusan sessions are $175 for one hour. Available appointments are posted on this page for self-booking and payment, usually at the beginning the month. Not every month will have available appointments and they tend to get booked quickly. If you don’t see the scheduler, check back early next month. You can also reach out to us at for more information about booking a Dokusan.

Click the booking scheduler to view Sharon's available appointments.

Appointments book quickly. If you don't see available appointments to book, check back next month.