March 16-21, 2024
Abiding as the Natural State

Silent Retreat With Sharon Landrith and Clear Light Sangha

This retreat takes place at Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, Crestone Colorado, a beautiful authentic Tibetan monastery nestled in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of south central Colorado. Visit their website for more information about the retreat center.

Retreat Dates: March 16-21, 2024

Booking Options

On-site lodging is fully booked for this retreat. Please see below for the off-site options.

Off-site Retreat Booking Options

Off-site Commuter

Camping on retreat land

What is the Commuter Option?

You can attend retreat by securing your own accommodations nearby. It's up to you what to book, AirBnb, hotel, friend's residence, is entirely up to you. It is recommended to stay nearby so that your commute to the retreat center is minimal either by car or walking distance. Your meals are included. 

What is the Camping Option? 

For those who might choose, you have the option of camping on the retreat land. You can tent-camp or camp in a small van or your car, but no RVs. Choose this option if you are okay with the rugged high desert terrain for camping. You'll have access to the retreat center facilities and your meals will be included.

Abiding as the Natural State Retreat

"There's a certain point where you give up absolutely every technique you have ever received and just come back experientially and rest deeply and be filled and renewed and informed from the direct experience of your own nature. To me, that's what meditation is and that's what meditation retreats are all about.” - Sharon Landrith

In primordial silence, the fundamental root, all is well, there's not a thing out of place, it's pure contentment. In fact, contentment doesn't even come close to it. It's whole. There's no need for anything else or anyone else. It is what this life has always been looking for and is the sense of completion.

It is the channel of emptiness, before movement, before sound, before, before, before, before. There's nothing there. And within that, nothing, no-thing, the ground of all potentiality. Everything arises and comes out of that. The silent channel.

Love arises from the deep primordial ground. It's like a mysterious movement of this empty nature that contains everything that is - the well of the womb, of all potentiality. There's nothing that love is not.

This is a silent retreat with Satsang talks, guided meditation, poetry/art/music sharing and question & answer sessions.

Vajra Vidya Retreat Center
3203 Camino Baca Grande
Crestone, CO 81131

Zoom Retreat Schedule

Saturday, March 16

7:00 pm – Orientation & Sharon's Opening Talk

8:30 pm – Silence Begins

Sunday, March 17

10:30 am – Noon Satsang with Sharon & Guided Meditation

7:00 – 8:30 pm Sharon’s Talk, Q&A

Monday, March 18

10:30 am – Noon Satsang with Sharon & Guided Meditation

7:00 – 8:30 pm Sharon’s Talk, Q&A

Tuesday, March 19

10:30 am – Noon Satsang with Sharon & Guided Meditation

7:00 – 8:30 pm Sharon’s Talk, Q&A

Wednesday, March 20

10:30 am – Noon Satsang with Sharon & Guided Meditation

7:00 – 8:30 pm Sound Healing

Thursday, March 21

10:30 am – Noon Closing

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation notifications received on or before February 16, 2024, are fully refundable.

Cancellation notifications received between February 17 and March 8, 2024, are fully refundable, minus a $100.00 processing fee.

Cancellation notifications received on or after March 9, 2024, are 50% refundable.